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Fusion cuisine: the best places to taste it in Knysna

There are 3 restaurants
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Bloo Bistro World Cafe
91/100 (259 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Hello to all the peeps visiting Knysna, Bloo Bistro is the place to go to. The food is to die for, Deb's makes a mean Natal Lamb Curry amongst other..."
Ana Corbett
"What an epic place! Went for a drink and stayed 5 hours, dancing (awesome music/ djs), hoolahooping, meeting new and interesting people. A massive..."
Cecile Sasman
"Loved the place. Really an awesome experience. No place like this place. A must have on bucket..."
Astra Lewis van Tonder
"Love the atmosphere, people, decor and do not even get me started on their amazing food!!! The Bloo Bistro is officially my go-to the venue in..."
Leigh-Anne Noggynogs Kenny
"A bohemian gem in the beautiful oasis of Knysna. Euphoric music and a surreal eclectic interior. Paul the owner and host is another..."
Maitreya Karachiwalla
"Absolutely unforgettable experience :D definitely the place to be in..."
Nicole Kimberley
"We had the best kuiertjie at Bloo! Paul and the staff was sooo nice. Thank you for the bottle of wine for our..."
Jacky Grobler
"Warm , psyche and friendly place !! If you re around, go ! Lovely..."
Olivier Agostini
"Love everything about this place. The only place I could find with decent, healthy and exciting foods. The love that comes with the food was just the..."
Anine Theron Avenant
"First time in Kynsna and visited these guys! What an amazing night my hats of to you guys. Keep up the good..."
Chibanda H Chibanda
"Felt so welcome and had an amazing time, with great people and had delicious food..."
Inge Burmeister
"Very nice place to hang out and meet friends and new..."
Yolandi de Lange
"This place is legit! Cape town needs a place like..."
Vesselin Rouynekov
"What a gem!! The staff, the venue, the atmosphere and the music is out of this world! You guys..."
Nicoline van Heerden