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Coco Fresh Tea And Juice
96/100 (362 ratings)
"Super happy to finally have some authentic bubble milk tea in South Africa, the way it’s made in Taiwan and China 🙌🏽. Thank you Susu Bubble..."
Saiyuri Moodley
"This place kinda saw me through lockdown this year; they were five minutes away from me and I swear my sister and I were there every week for months...."
Ziyanda Zwane
"We got the passion fruit black tea bubble tea and the lemon black tea bubble tea with tapioca. Good and fast..."
Sabrina Sawyers
"Firstly... Thank you to the store owner of the cyrildene branch and his friendly staff. Your service is amazing! We order from here every single week..."
almirah abader
"The milk tea/bubble tea at this place is really nice. They have a super variety of teas and their packaging is cute. Pro tip: If you don't like very..."
Miguel Gibson
"I love getting drinks here. There's a huge variety of juices and teas, hot or cold, and a choice of many different goodies you can add to your drink...."
Anita Jack
"Busier than other Momo's but the store owner is very friendly and ensures your order fomes relatively quickly. Drinks are delicious and I loce the..."
Muhammed Chand
"Drinks are yummy,they have a great variety to choose from.I have been to many other boba places and this place by far takes the..."
tyreece isaacs
"Best bubble tea in Johannesburg. They have a massive variety of options to choose..."
Chelsey Badenhorst
"A quaint little store in Cyrildene that serve some amazing Boba and great service, with a..."
Reyn Bhudal
"I would say the please is located at a nice place the people working there we really friendly I loved them . But the drink flavours didn't do it for..."
Kwanelepink Zondi
"Taro milk tea with rainbow pearls is our favourite. Taro icecream is also great. Awesome place for boba tea of many different varieties. Cash only. ..."
Comedy Gold
"Just tried their mango tornado today. Was on special. My first time at Momo. Was delicious and refreshing. So many choices. Want to try other flavour..."
Christine K
"Best bubble tea shop in jhb! The teas and slushies flavors and variety are great! Always got to get both 😋😂strawberry slush with lychee pearl..."
"Tucked away, in between Chinese restaurants and shops, look out for Momo, to get your bubble tea fix. Whether you call it boba, milk tea, pretty much..."
Jason Jack
"The boba is chewy, sweet and soft, and the tea is very..."