Nando's Comaro Crossing (Johannesburg) Unclaimed

Cnr Boundary Ln & Comaro St
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I'm a big fan of Nandos, i guess you could call me their day 1. Great flavour and fresh chicken, extra hot to get rid of that hangover. 
ButYou know.
For a while now the only thing good about Nandos has been their marketing and advertising.

I mean every time i walk into a Nandos these days, they have those anorexic chickens that look like they've never eaten,  a couple of times the chicken was so dry i felt like it was a mirage, and the sauce they use has taken a turn for the weak and watery. 

Remember when a 1/4 chicken could be considered a smart meal. i've said this before, the 1/4 chicken /chips meal is budget meal everyone should enjoy, but recently at  almost R70 for the meal option with a roll we are now moving into the price range for pizza, and pasta and options you could choose over the beloved and humble 1/4 chicken. 

The competition in the south is too strong for Nandos, we have dozens of authentic Portuguese establishments that make better chicken at a more reasonable price and its why i haven't had Nando's for a long while. 

Well lucky me, i walked into this establishment after driving myself insane with options on what to eat. 

Sat down and ordered my food. The service i received was good considering there aren't much staff , available at 8pm on a Tuesday during flu season. 

But when my food arrived, i almost jumped off my seat, the quarter chicken my S/O ordered looked amazing, and considering it was mild and i like extra hot it was really delicious, cooked to perfection, the chips were deliciously served. and everything was great. i ordered the hotpot to see what R30 gets you these days and again i was pleasantly surprised. 

The hotpot is like a cheap chicken strips and spicy rice,  but better, more veggies and sauce however less chicken, it seems like whatever chicken gets stuck to the grill goes into a hotpot so maybe i would've gotten more if there were more runaway pieces, however still a really good meal for the price. 

So maybe i was wrong, maybe Nandos has a shot, Maybe they're not gonna fade away like all our parents celebrities. 

wait, i'm never wrong

Nandos is just not a viable option anymore. i can give you 5 cheaper alternatives within a 5km radius of this Nando's but because of the delicious meal i received at this specific one if its going to be Nando's its going to be this one. 

PS - The chilli  hot chocolate they have for winter at the moment  isn't bad either
Jun 30, 2016

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